In Ground Spas

In Ground Spas

Looking at purchasing a spa/swim spa and wanting it set up as an in ground but not sure about the options and cost? This question is constantly asked at Spa-Rite.

There are 2 options available for in ground spas/swim spas. The most popular option is to buy a portable spa and sink it into a pit in the ground. Otherwise there is an option of buying an in ground shell and equipment (the old fashioned way) and installing the shell itself into the ground.

Advantages and Disadvantages on Portable vs. In Ground

Advantages Disadvantages 
* Shell takes up less room * The equipment must be placed separately to the spa shell
* Tiling is possible to the edge of the spa shell with ease * Noise levels will be higher when spa is filtering and jets are running
* Quicker to install * The further away the pumps are from the spa the less efficient they will work
* Can have cheaper install cost * Running cost is higher due to heat loss from the ground in contact to the shell even though there is 1 level of insulation
* It is common that due to ground movement the back of jets, pipework, etc. can be broken
* No drain set up for when you need to empty out spa- you will need to use a sump pump
* Perimeter LED lighting and sound systems are not available due to access

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Portable Spas

Advantages Disadvantages
* Spa overall takes up less room, including equipment * If placed in ground you will need to dig a hole, pour concrete slab and form the sides of either concrete, bricks or timber
* Reduced noise due to custom fit cabinets and up to 8 levels of insulation * Not as easy to tile to edge of spa
* All equipment is located underneath spa making cost of buying unit cheaper * Drainage of the pit needs to be connected to stormwater. If this is not available you will need to install sump pumps. If this isn’t done and it rains the pit will fill up with water and can damage spa equipment
* Lowest possible running cost in spa
* SV control system with exclusive technology available
* Smart meter ready system available- You can run your spa on ‘off peak power’
* Wrap around ABS included to keep out weather and pests and to lock in heat
* If in a deck all you need is a concrete slab, cut hole in deck, place spa in for quick and cheap insulation- Please Note: Trap doors may be needed to access equipment under spa
* Drainage is already set up and spa is already fully plumbed meaning you only need an electrician to put power to spa
* Perimeter LED lighting, aromatherapy, air jets and sound systems are available

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Oasis portable spa running cost:

Depending on the size of the spa some spas can be expensive to heat. With a portable spa you can get 2, 4, 6 or 8 levels of insulation which will trap in the heat resulting in a low running cost.Oasis now offers a Powersave pack as standard on the Platinum Series swim spa portable range. This will include the following:

  • 8 layer power saver insulation with extra thick foam on shell
  • Optional Gas Heater or Heat Pump
  • Custom fit ‘no gap’ cabinet with ‘acrylic seal’ to stop heat loss
  • ‘SV’ control system with exclusive energy saving technology
  • Heat pump ready- Save up to 75% on heating costs
  • Smart meter ready- Run your spa on ‘off peak power’
  • Wrap around ABS base to keep weather and pests out and lock in heat
  • Super efficient filtration pump