Swim Spa Pipe Klenz Commerical Grade 5LTR

PRODUCTS Chemicals Swim Spa Pipe Klenz Commerical Grade 5LTR


Crystal Waters Pipe Klenz is used to thoroughly cleanse body fats and oily build ups from your pipework, extending the life of your swim spa, and enhancing the cleanliness and clarity of your water.

We recommend performing a Pipe Klenz once every 12 months, or sooner if you re having ongoing water quality issues.

Please Note: Commercial Grade Pipe Klenz is exactly the same product as Spa Pipe Klenz, though due to the size of the bottle, its primarily used for commercial use and the dosage instructions on the bottle are adjusted accordingly.

  • Dosage: 250ml per thousand litres.
  • Active constituents: 887.5g/L Organic dispersants, and 112.5g/L Inorganic acids.
  • Sizes available: 500ml, 5L
About Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters Pool and Spa Solutions is an Australian owned company, specialising in odourless and unique Chlorine and Bromine free chemical systems for pools, spas and swim spas. Crystal Waters is gentle on sensitive skin, and prevents the issues harsher chemical systems can cause such as rashes and skin and eye irritation, and is designed to prevent aggravation of ongoing skin allergies and respiratory issues.