Spa Sanitiser 500ml

PRODUCTS Chemicals Spa Sanitiser 500ml


Crystal Waters Spa Sanitiser is the first part of a 3 part, weekly sanitising system. Its 100% chlorine free and is made from a hospital grade sanitiser, commonly used in bandages, contact lens cleaner and hand wash, so you know its gentle on the skin and non allergenic!

Crystal Waters Spa Sanitiser makes the water soft, like you’re swimming in natural spring water!

This 500ml variety is available in our Start up Kit, and is expected to last approximately 2 months for a 1000L spa.

Weekly dosage: 60ml per thousand litres

Active constituent: Polyhexanide Hydrochloride

Sizes available: 500ml, 2.5L, 5L

About Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters Pool and Spa Solutions is an Australian owned company, specialising in odourless and unique Chlorine and Bromine free chemical systems for pools, spas and swim spas. Crystal Waters is gentle on sensitive skin, and prevents the issues harsher chemical systems can cause such as rashes and skin and eye irritation, and is designed to prevent aggravation of ongoing skin allergies and respiratory issues.