Spa Calcium Enhancer 500gm

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Crystal Waters Spa Calcium Enhancer is used to raise the Calcium Hardness level in your water. This can be known as Calcium, or Total Hardness. Water low on calcium can draw it out of other metals in your spa, corroding the equipment, and provide an environment favourable to algal growth.
This 500g variety is available in our Start Up Kit.

Dosage: To raise Calcium Hardness by 10ppm, add 10g per 1000L.
Recommended Calcium level: 80ppm-140ppm
Active constituent: Calcium Chloride

About Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters Pool and Spa Solutions is an Australian owned company, specialising in odourless and unique Chlorine and Bromine free chemical systems for pools, spas and swim spas. Crystal Waters is gentle on sensitive skin, and prevents the issues harsher chemical systems can cause such as rashes and skin and eye irritation, and is designed to prevent aggravation of ongoing skin allergies and respiratory issues.