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The Paradise Platinum Classic is one of the smallest spas available in our Platinum range which is designed to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Perfect for smaller backyards and patios the Paradise Platinum features seating for 3, consisting of a full body massage recliner with targeted massage, upright seat as well as a captain seat with back and leg massage. The Paradise Platinum spa is perfect for those with limited room but wanting a top of the range hydrotherapy spa with a low running cost.
Measuring 2m x 1.5m x 740mm the Paradise Platinum is a 15 amp spa, meaning that the spa will need to run on its own designated circuit. Designed for a lower running cost, the Paradise Platinum Classic includes 8 levels of insulation, solid fibreglass base, thickest shell on the market, custom fit ‘no gap’ cabinet along with a power saver controller. Maintenance is easy with self cleaning, bearing-less ‘Aqua Stream’ jets, CD ozone and mixing chamber, 100 sq. ft. easy care filtration system and UV protected maintenance free cabinet. With premium components including the Spa Net spa controller and a variable output heater, the Paradise Platinum Classic includes the following free upgrades: LED perimeter lighting and illuminated controls, backlit waterfall, stainless steel jet trims, liquid aromatherapy system and heat pump connections.

  • Compact yet roomy design

  • 1 lounge

  • Seats up to 3 people



ABOUT Paradise Platinum Spa

paradise_platinum_seating_planThe Paradise Spa is a small spa that seats 3 adults and includes the following:

Recliner: The ‘full body massage’ recliner is perfect if you are after a massage from head to toe! Both recliners are different depths and structured making it perfect for couples of different heights.

Back massage seat: After a back massage? With fully adjustable jets this seat will deliver the perfect massage.



paradise_platinum_measurements Spa_Lip_Measurements







Please Note: Acrylic lip height approx. 100mm. This is a guide only, size is subject to change.




Dimensions 2.0m x 1.5m x 740mm
Litres 700L
Dry Weight 267kg
Weight when Full 937kg
Power requirements 15AMPS
Total Jets 38
Seats 3

Please Note: Sizes and specifications are subject to change. Information and images are to be used as a guide only.

Please contact Spa-Rite for more details.



The following colours are available:

Acrylic Colours


Sterling Marble

Ocean Wave

Ocean Wave

Pearl Shadow

Pearl Shadow

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Summer Sapphire

Summer Sapphire

Cabinet Colours





Hardcover Colours







Wondering what advantages there are to a Platinum Spa series spa?

From a lower running cost to a wow factor for your backyard, there is something for everyone! Find out below.

The Ultimate Spa Experience

Hydrotherapy and your health

Thousands of years ago the Romans understood the therapeutic benefits offered by bathing in hot water- and how it relaxes the body and rejuvenates the mind.

They realized that heater water helped reduce aches and pains and that providing heat and blood flow to the body could also improve overall health and create a noticeable difference to mood and well being.

Modern spas now combine the proven benefits of hydrotherapy and the stimulation provided by hydro-massage- using targeted water jets to loosen muscles, stimulate blood flow and creating a feeling of wellness.

Oasis Spas lead the way in hydrotherapy and hydro-massage technology and also harness lighting, aromatherapy and music to create a complete relaxation experience that you’ll look forward to everyday.

The Ultimate Relaxation Experience

More room and more comfort

  • Less wasted space around the edges of the spa means more internal room and greater comfort
  • Bigger footwells so there’s plenty of room for everyone’s feet
  • Ergonomic seating plus contoured recliner lounges that support your body and stop you floating

Super Quiet for Total Relaxation

Our insulation system and ‘no gap’ cabinet make our spas super quiet- so you can enjoy total relaxation

Create the Perfect Mood

  • Our ‘Aqua FX’ underwater and water level lighting package, combined with soothing aromatherapy creates the perfect mood for the ultimate relaxation experience

Full Body Massage Recliner

  • Experience the pleasure of having up to 16 jets massage your entire body all at once- from your neck to your toes

Neck and Shoulder Therapy

  • In this customized seat, jets are positioned to direct water flow downwards to relieve stiff neck and shoulder muscles

Foot Massage Therapy

  • With more nerves and muscles in your foot than anywhere else there’s no doubt why everyone loves our foot massage jets

Accu-Pressure Back Massage

  • A large number of accu-pressure jets are used in one seat to precisely target pressure points in the back and lower neck

Volcano Deep Tissue Massage

  • A high powered, broad stream jets that kids love to play with and adults love for its ability to provide a powerful deep tissue massage

Hand Massage Therapy

  • Featuring jets on the recliner armrests to massage your hands and wrists to enhance your massage experience

Premium Quality

The Thickest Shell on the Market

  • 8-10mm thick fiberglass shell with American acrylic surface
  • 6 layer laminated construction for strength and rigidity
  • Oven cured for maximum strength
  • Shell strength is necessary to support up to 3 tonnes of water and bathers plus the weight of the spa

Premium Bearingless Jets

  • Our spa jets spin on a floating stainless steel shaft, so there are no bearings to fail
  • Screw in and out- no clips to break
  • Tough PVC and stainless steel construction for long life and resistance to chemicals

Solid Fibreglass Base

  • Solid wrap-around fiberglass base on the bottom of your spa adds massive strength to the spa overall
  • Keeps pests and weather from damaging the frame and equipment
  • Allows us to fit a multi-stage insulation system at ground level that saves you money

Super Tough Construction Throughout

  • Reinforced footwell for maximum strength and rigidity
  • Super strong triple reinforced frame is screwed to the top edge and footwell
  • The frame also supports every seat
  • Built tough- Oasis Spas are up to 50% heavier than other brands

Premium Components

  • Advanced Spa Net spa controller
  • Premium American acrylic surface
  • Variable output 3 Kw or 6 Kw heater for longer life and quicker heat up times
  • Quality pumps, fittings and components throughout
  • Heavy duty lockable cover with marine grade vinyl outer layer

Power Saver Technology


Test Results- Here’s the Proof

We built 2 of the same 1,250 litre spas- the same model, but one was built using our power saver technology and insulation system and the other simulating the equipment and insulation in most other spas. Then we tested to see how much it would cost to maintain water temperature and filtration in each spa.


 But you will actually Save more than this… 

  • Both spas we tested had our ‘no gap’ cabinet- in reality the other spa would have gaps in the cabinet and would have used even more power
  • Our savings are based on your spa lasting 12 years. It should last a lot longer so your savings will be more
  • If you’ve got a smart meter you’ll save up to 30% more by using ‘Power saver Mode’ and off-peak power for all heating and filtration
  • Our Platinum Series Spas are gas and heat pump compatible. Fit either of these and save up to 75% on heating costs
  • Eco Mode, Sleep Mode and other Power saver Technologies were not used during testing which would have reduced running costs even further.

Test Conditions

Environment: 20 degrees ambient temperature. Water temperature: 37 degrees- spa set to maintain this temperature. Test Spa: 1,250 litres each (same spa model). All claims relating to savings on running cost are based on 28 cents per Kw and 3% yearly energy price increase. For the purpose of these calculations, the ‘life of your spa’ is 12 years. Testing done by ‘Waltek’- an internationally accredited testing laboratory.


Power Saver Controller

  • Thermal tuning, power saver mode, eco mode and other exclusive Power saver Technologies reducing running costs
  • The only controller that is heat pump compatible
  • Got a Smart Meter? Save up to 30% using off-peak power and ‘Power Saver Mode’
  • 50-100% quicker heating- so your pump turns off sooner and you save money

Heat Pump/Gas Heater Ready

  • The technology, pump, plumbing and connections are in place so you can connect a heat pump anytime and save up to 75% on heating costs
  • Exclusive integrated heat pump technology- control your heat pump with your spa touchpad

Power Saver Filter Pump 

  • Only needs to run 4 hours a day, not 24 hours a day like many brands
  • High flow
  • Low power draw

Easy Care Technology

  • Your spa touchpad has a one touch after-spa clean up cycle that simplifies water maintenance
  • Self cleaning Teflon-coated heater element maintains heater efficiency

CD Ozone and Boost Chamber

  • Kills germs and breaks down body oils for reduced chemical usage and crystal clear water
  • Patented boost chamber maximizes ozone efficiency and protects you and your spa

Easy Care Spa Jets

  • Our premium jets are self cleaning- so they don’t need regular maintenance and won’t stop spinning
  • Easy to remove- just screw them in and out

Easy Care Filtration

  • Huge 100 sq ft dual cartridge filter system for cleaner water
  • ‘Max Flow’ Valve maximizes filtration and water clarity
  • Dual pump technology boosts filtration by up to 6 times when using your spa

Easy Care Cabinet

  • Our cabinet cladding is made from UV protected synthetic timber
  • No sanding or oiling required
  • Just spray the cabinet with a hose if it’s dirty



Wondering what extras are available for your spa?

Please find list below. For more information please click on the link provided.


We have a range of Steps available for Spas and Swim Spas in a variety of different finishes and colours. Majority of our steps are made from Thermowood which means not only are they maintenance free but they also match the cabinet colour of your Spa-Rite Spa. For spas we recommend either our 2 or 3 tier steps and for our deeper spas and swim spas we recommend our 4 tier steps.

To see what step options best suit your needs click here.


We have a range of accessories available to enhance your spa experience. Our accessories range includes: Hardcover Cover Lifters, Towel Rail, Polaris Spa Wand Cleaner (great for if you live near the beach, the Polaris Spa Wand Cleaner sucks the sand from the bottom of the spa), Spa Tray, Booster Seat (assorted styles available, great for kids and people who need a little extra height in their spa), Spa Pillow, Spa Glasses, Spa Scoop and Spa Bar (for food and drinks).

To learn more about our accessories range click here.

 Spa Hi-Fi

Experience immersive, high definition sound quality from the ‘Smart Link’ Wi-Fi System which features exceptional sound quality with sub woofer support. Bluetooth is built in so music or audio can be streamed directly to your spa from any Bluetooth smart device (phone, tablet or PC).

To learn more about the Spa Hi-Fi System click here.

 Smart Stream

Popular for holiday homes the Smart Stream allows users to take control of their spa, locally or remotely via a WiFi, 3G or 4G network via an app, providing access to your spa from an location at any time.

Please note due to the 8 levels of insulation on the spa you will need to add an antenna to get signal (not included).

To learn more about the Smart Stream System click here


Gazebos are a great additional feature for your spa. Available in a range of designs and sizes Gazebos ensure that you can use your spa all year round. For those who don’t want to put a safety barrier around your spa we also have Pool Compliant Gazebos available.

To see what Gazebo best suits your needs click here.

 Spa Net SV Series Heat Pump

Spa Net SV Series Heat Pumps are recommended for spas over 2.4m x 2.3m and are designed to save you 75% off your spas running cost. Considerable cheaper than Gas, Heat Pumps have a COP (co-efficient of performance) around “5” which means that for every dollar spent you get $5 worth of energy output. Over the life of a pool or spa a heat pump will save you many thousands of dollars.

To learn more about our Heat Pumps please click here.

 Viron eVo Gas Heater Range

Gas Heaters are perfect for spas at holiday houses as they use revolutionary technology to heat your spa quickly and accurately to your desired temperature. The Viron eVo Gas Heater range will save you 20% on your spas running costs.

Models Available: VIRON250, VIRON350, VIRON450

To learn more about our Viron eVO Gas Heater Range click here.

MX Gas Heater Range

Gas Heaters are perfect for spas at holiday houses as they use revolutionary technology to heat your spa quickly and accurately to your desired temperature. The Hurlcon MX Gas Heater range is proudly made and designed in Australia and incorporates the latest in technology for high performance and energy efficiency.

Models Available: MX150, MX250, MX300, MX400

To learn more about our MX Gas Heater Range click here.

 HX Gas Heater Range

Gas Heaters are perfect for spas at holiday houses as they use revolutionary technology to heat your spa quickly and accurately to your desired temperature. The HX Gas Heater range is the most low cost solution available and ensures less maintenance and improved efficiency.

Models Available: HX70, HX120

To learn more about our HX Gas Heater Range click here.

 ‘Chlorine Free’ Crystal Waters Chemical Kit

Crystal Waters is a unique chlorine free chemical system developed specifically for spas and swim spas. Crystal Waters is made up of Polihexanide Hydrachloride which means it doesn’t affect psoriasis, dermatitis and asthma as well as being completely odourless.

No salt water chlorinator is required and dosing is easy with our simple 3 step programme.

Please note you will still have to test and maintain pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium levels on a weekly basis which is mandatory with all pool and spa chemical systems.

To learn more about Crystal Waters please click here.

 Lithium Chemical Kit

Lithium Hypochlorite is the perfect spa sanitiser system for people who are after as little maintenance as possible. With a slight chlorine smell Lithium is a granule that is ideal for holiday houses as well as day spas.

Please note you will still have to test and maintain pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium levels on a weekly basis which is mandatory with all pool and spa chemical systems.


Free Upgrades

With every Platinum series Oasis Spa we will include:


Helps create the perfect mood for socialising and relaxation.

Up to $1,535 Value


Adds a real WOW Factor to your spa.

Value $395-$795 (depending on model)


Use soothing scents to enhance you mood and relaxation. Value $195



Keeps water clear while reducing chemical use.

Value $595 






We will send you additional information about your spa regarding availability, colours available and pricing.