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The Oasis Maui Classic is one of the smallest spas available in our Oasis range which is designed to provide the ultimate in hydrotherapy. The Maui features seating for 3 including 1 upright seat with back massage and 2 full body massage recliners that face the same direction to make the most of your view.

Measuring 1.95m x 1.64m x 820mm the Maui  is a 15 amp spa, meaning that the spa will need to run on its own designated circuit. Designed for a lower running cost, the Maui includes 6 levels of insulation, sealed ABS base and custom fit ‘no gap’ cabinet along with a Spa Tech touch-pad. Maintenance is easy with self cleaning, bearing-less ‘Aqua Stream’ jets, CD ozone and mixing chamber, 100 sq. ft. easy care filtration system and UV protected maintenance free cabinet. With the thickest shell on the market the Maui XL includes the following free upgrades: LED perimeter lighting, stainless steel jet trims and liquid aromatherapy system.

  • Seating for 3- 2 full body massage recliners and 1 upright seat

  • Hydrotherapy that caters for back, leg, neck and foot massage

  • Both recliners face the same way to make the most of your view



ABOUT Oasis Maui Spa

Oasis Maui Classic Spa Seating at Spa-Rite

The Maui Spa is a small spa that seats 3 adults and includes the following:

Recliner: The ‘full body massage’ recliner is perfect if you are after a massage from head to toe! Both recliners are different depths and structure making it perfect for couples of different heights.

Back massage seat: After a back massage? With fully adjustable jets this seat will deliver the perfect massage.



Dimensions 1.95m x 1.64m x 820mm
Litres 768L
Dry Weight 295kg
Weight when Full 1063kg
Power requirements 15AMPS
Total Jets 34
Seats 3

Please Note: Sizes and specifications are subject to change. Information and images are to be used as a guide only.

Please contact Spa-Rite for more details.



The following colours are available:

Acrylic Colours


Sterling Marble


Ocean Wave

Ocean Wave


Pearl Shadow

Pearl Shadow


Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice


Cabinet & Hardcover Colours


Slate Grey






Wondering what sets the Oasis Spas series apart from the rest? Find out below!

The Ultimate Spa Experience

A Better Massage

  • Broad stream jets for a smoother, more enjoyable massage
  • Every seat offers a different massage experience
  • Jets targeted to specific muscle groups for maximum benefits and pleasure
  • Neck therapy (most models) to relieve neck and shoulder tension
  • Jets can be swapped around the spa to tailor your hydro massage experience
  • Recliner lounges with up to 16 jets for a full body massage experience


Super Quiet for Total Relaxation

  • Our insulation system and ‘no gap’ cabinet make our spas super quiet- so you can enjoy total relaxation


More room and more comfort

  • Less wasted space around the edges of the spa means more internal room and greater comfort
  • Bigger footwells so there’s plenty of room for everyone’s feet
  • Ergonomic seating plus contoured recliner lounges that support your body and stop you floating


Premium Quality


Super Strong American Acrylic

  • 8-10mm thick fiberglass shell with American acrylic surface
  • 6 layer laminated construction for strength and rigidity
  • Oven cured for maximum strength
  • Shell strength is necessary to support up to 3 tonnes of water and bathers plus the weight of the spa


Premium Bearingless Jets

  • Our spa jets spin on a floating stainless steel shaft, so there are no bearings to fail
  • Screw in and out- no clips to break
  • Tough PVC and stainless steel construction for long life and resistance to chemicals


Premium Components

  • Premium American acrylic surface
  • Quality pumps, fittings, and components throughout
  • Stainless steel heater
  • Heavy-duty cover with marine-grade vinyl


Super Tough Construction Throughout

  • Reinforced footwell for maximum strength and rigidity
  • The super-strong triple reinforced frame is screwed to the top edge and footwell
  • The frame also supports every seat
  • Built tough- Oasis Spas are up to 50% heavier than other brands


Solid Fibreglass Base

  • Solid wrap-around fibreglass base on the bottom of your spa adds massive strength to the spa overall
  • Keeps pests and weather from damaging the frame and equipment
  • Allows us to fit a multi-stage insulation system at ground level that saves you money

Power Saver Technology



Power Saver Filter Pump

  • Only needs to run 4 hours a day, not 24 hours a day like many brands
  • High flow
  • Low power draw


Easy Care Technology


Automatic Digital Control System

  • Handy touchpad control for pumps, bubbles, temperature and lighting
  • Automatic heating and filtration- just set and forget
  • Handy after-spa cleaning cycle
  • Adjustable filtration times to suit your level of spa use


CD Ozone and Mixing Chamber

  • This clever system automatically kills germs and breaks down body oils for reduced chemical usage and crystal clear water
  • Patented mixing chamber fully mixes the ozone gas with the spa water to maximize efficiency while protecting you and your spa


Easy Care Spa Jets

  • Unlike most spa jets, our jets are self-cleaning so they don’t need maintenance and will never stop spinning
  • Easy to remove- just screw them out


Easy Care Filtration

  • Our huge 100 sq ft, dual cartridge filter system ensures your water stays clean and clear
  • ‘Max Flow’ Valve maximizes filtration and water clarity
  • Our dual pump filter technology boosts filtration by up to 6 times when you are using the spa


Easy Care Cabinet

  • No maintenance cabinet cladding made from UV protected synthetic timber
  • Unlike timber, our cladding doesn’t need constant sanding and oiling
  • Just spray the cabinet with a hose if it’s dirty



Wondering what extras are available for your spa?

Please find list below. For more information please click on the link provided.


We have a range of Steps available for Spas and Swim Spas in a variety of different finishes and colours. Majority of our steps are made from Thermowood which means not only are they maintenance free but they also match the cabinet colour of your Spa-Rite Spa. For spas we recommend either our 2 or 3 tier steps and for our deeper spas and swim spas we recommend our 4 tier steps.

To see what step options best suit your needs click here.


We have a range of accessories available to enhance your spa experience. Our accessories range includes: Hardcover Cover Lifters, Towel Rail, Polaris Spa Wand Cleaner (great for if you live near the beach, the Polaris Spa Wand Cleaner sucks the sand from the bottom of the spa), Spa Tray, Booster Seat (assorted styles available, great for kids and people who need a little extra height in their spa), Spa Pillow, Spa Glasses, Spa Scoop and Spa Bar (for food and drinks).

To learn more about our accessories range click here.


Gazebos are a great additional feature for your spa. Available in a range of designs and sizes Gazebos ensure that you can use your spa all year round. For those who don’t want to put a safety barrier around your spa we also have Pool Compliant Gazebos available.

To see what Gazebo best suits your needs click here.

 ‘Chlorine Free’ Crystal Waters Chemical Kit

Crystal Waters is a unique chlorine free chemical system developed specifically for spas and swim spas. Crystal Waters is made up of Polihexanide Hydrachloride which means it doesn’t affect psoriasis, dermatitis and asthma as well as being completely odourless.

No salt water chlorinator is required and dosing is easy with our simple 3 step programme.

Please note you will still have to test and maintain pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium levels on a weekly basis which is mandatory with all pool and spa chemical systems.

To learn more about Crystal Waters please click here.

Lithium Chemical Kit

Lithium Hypochlorite is the perfect spa sanitiser system for people who are after as little maintenance as possible. With a slight chlorine smell Lithium is a granule that is ideal for holiday houses as well as day spas.

Please note you will still have to test and maintain pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium levels on a weekly basis which is mandatory with all pool and spa chemical systems.


Free Upgrades

With every Oasis Spa we will include:


Helps create the perfect mood for socialising and relaxation.

Oasis Lighting Pink at Spa-Rite

Adds a real WOW Factor to your spa.

Oasis Steel Jets at Spa-Rite

Enjoy the ambience and relaxation of a waterfall feature in your spa.


Roman Waterfall for Spa at Spa-Rite

Keeps water clear while reducing chemical use.







We will send you additional information about your spa regarding availability, colours available and pricing.