How to use your Spa Tech Controller



Congratulations on the purchase of your new Oasis spa.

We want to help you get the most from your spa, right from the start by understanding how to set it up, operate the controls, manage the water and look after your investment.

We’ll break this into easy segments:

  • Filling your spa
  • Setting up the control system
  • Turning on the jets and bubbles
  • Adjusting the massage  jets
  • Water maintenance
  • Cleaning your filters
  • Cleaning your cabinet and spa cover
  • Draining your spa
  • Fixing air locks
  • And cleaning water diverters & massage controls

Once you’ve unwrapped you new spa and removed the tape from the filter lid, filter face and anywhere else, it’s time to fill up your spa. Remove the filter face by sliding the cover up then off. Remove the filter or left-hand filter with dual filter spas. Then place your hose where the filter was and fill to the line shown on the sticker inside your spa. Now you can turn on your spa at the power point or isolation switch. The spa will start itself up and begin filtering and heating your spa until it reaches the factory set temperature of 38 degrees. It will also begin filtering the water based on the factory settings. If your touch-pad is not illuminated, you’ll need first to wake it up by pushing the power button. Now set the time and adjust the temperature. The time can be set by pushing the time button then the mode button, use the warm or cool buttons to change the time and the mode button to confirm each setting. To set the filter times press the time button once, then the mode button three times, then set the start and end times of each of the two filter periods. Using the warm or cool buttons followed by the mode button to confirm your settings. 2 hours per filter period is suggested, but this can be increased in times of heavy use. The temperature can be set pushing either the warm or cool buttons. Then once the temperature is flashing, use the up and down buttons to select the new desired temperature. If you don’t want people using your spa or changing settings, you can lock the control panel by pushing the warm and cool buttons at the same time, unlock by pushing the same buttons again. You can invert the display panel also, by pushing the time and warm button at the same time, and to swap it back, push them again. There are other non essential settings and features that also may be of interest, and these are explained in your manual and on the DVD supplied in your spa warranty kit. In spas with one jet pump, turn on your jets by using the Jets 1 button. If you have a two speed pump, press the button once and the pump will come on at high speed, and then after 5 seconds it will drop back to low speed. Press the button a second time for high speed. The Jets 2 button will not do anything. If you have a two pump spa, pressing the Jets 1 button will turn on your first jet pump, this powers half of the jets. The Jets 2 button turns the second jet pump on and powers the rest of the jets. The air jets can be turned on by pressing the blower button. If you turn any pumps or bubbles on, they’ll always turn themselves back off after 30 minutes. To turn your lights on, press the light button, press it again and the lights turn off.  Additional presses will turn the lights back on but with a different colour or effect. The mode button will allow you choose various modes. To move between modes, use the warm or cool buttons, and then press the mode button again to set that mode. Standard mode allows the spa to heat whenever it wants to always maintain you set temperature. Economy mode only allows the spa to heat during filtration times, and then there’s the sleep mode, where the spa will filter but not heat. After you’ve selected the mode you want, push the mode button again to lock in your choice.