How to use your Spa Net Controller


Congratulations on the purchase of your new Oasis spa. We want to help you get the most from your spa right from the start by understanding how to set it up, operate the controls, manage the water and look after your investment. We’ll break this into easy segments. Filling your spa, setting up the control system, turning on the jets and bubbles, adjusting the massage jets, water maintenance, jet maintenance, cleaning your filters, cleaning your cabinet and spa cover, draining your spa, fixing air locks and cleaning water diverters and massage controls.

Once you’ve unwrapped your new spa and removed the tape from the filter lid, filter face and anywhere else, its time to fill up your spa. Remove the filter face by sliding the cover up and then off. Remove the filter or left-hand filter with dual filter spas. Then place your hose where the filter was and fill to the line shown on the sticker inside your spa. Now you can turn on your spa at the power point or isolation switch. The spa will show priming on the control panel until the pipes are full of water, then it will automatically start heating the water to the factory set temperature of 38 degrees. It will also begin filtering the water based on the recommended daily times. Time can be set by pushing the up ^ button until the screen shows time, push the ok button twice to access the clock and date settings. To scroll between these, keep pressing the ok button. To change each setting, use the up and down buttons then press ok to confirm. To set the temperature, select the STMP option on the main menu or just push and hold the up and down buttons on the right hand side of the screen, until the numbers change. There are other non essential settings and features which can be managed through the main menu. These features and how to modify them are explained in detail in your manual, and on the DVD supplied in your spa warranty kit.

On the SV-2 control panel, the first button is to control your filtration pump, it can run in auto, on and off mode. You can manually turn it on for extra filtration but it will always revert to auto mode even if you turn it off. The second button is for your jet pump which runs all the water jets. It’s attached to the second filter and can be used for maximum filtration when required. The next button turns on the air bubbles, you can adjust the strength of the bubbles using the up and down buttons, or push the button twice to choose ramping mode, where the bubbles cycle from high to low. If you turn any pumps or bubbles on, they will always turn themselves back off after 30 minutes. The last button turns your lights on and off. The colour and effects of your lighting can be adjusted by the up and down buttons, pushing the ok button to confirm you selections. And if you want an extra filtration and sanitation boost after you leave the spa, press the sanitise button. The SV-3 control panel is almost the same as the SV-2, but there is another button to control your second or third jet pump. With these spas, some of the jets will be powered by the first pump and others will be powered by the second and third pumps. The air bubbles work the same as with the SV-2. The SV-3 controller has three buttons to control the lights, one, to turn your lights on and off, one to select modes using the up and down buttons to make your selection, and another to choose colours and intensity. If you wish to invert the display on this control panel, push the invert button. And use the sanitise button after a spa for extra filtration and sanitation. The SV-4 control panel works just like the SV-3, but there are four pump buttons.