How to Maintain Spa Water


To keep your water clean and clear you need to do four things.

  1. Keep the pH at the correct level.

If your water has a low pH level it will be acidic. While it will be crystal clear it will be uncomfortable to relax in and can damage your equipment. High pH allows the Calcium to come out of solution and make the water cloudy. For water clarity, your comfort and equipment life, make sure you keep your pH level between 7.4 and 7.6. Take the reading and if its outside of this range adjust it as directed on the bottle. Make sure to test the pH first as you will get false readings if you test after adding other chemicals. If necessary adjust the pH using an Alkalinity Increaser or a pH Decreaser.

  1. Sanitise the Water

Do this by adding an approved product recommended by your Oasis dealer. Make sure the filtration pump is running and add the correct dose to the middle of the spa. Make sure to keep the correct level of sanitiser in the water and remember that if you are using the spa more frequently you need to add more sanitiser, if you use it less, then you should back off the dosage.

  1. Shock or Oxidise the Water

This should be done regularly to remove body oils, makeups, suntan lotions and organic waste. Failure to do this can make the water cloudy with oily bubbles on the surface. If you are using the spa more you will need to shock treat the water more often.

  1. Ensure adequate filtration

Filtration is essential to remove particles and organic materials from the water. It is a good idea to add extra filtration after each use by pushing the sanitise button on your SpaNet SV control panel or push the pump button on your SpaTech ST Control panel. Even more importantly, remember to keep your filters clean as body oils, makeups and suntan lotion will clog up the cartridges and make the water go bad very quickly. Dirty filters are also a breeding ground for bacteria that will make the water quality even worse.