General Maintanence Tips For Your Oasis Spa



While our jets are self-cleaning, will rarely clog or stop spinning, it is necessary to regularly remove and check the jets, for any grit or oils on the rear of the jet insert or thread. If this isn’t done, they can be hard to turn on or off, and to remove. To get a better grip on the jet face, try using gloves or a special grip cloth. If they’re really stuck, you may have to do this when the spa is empty. Once removed, wash out the housing and use an old toothbrush to get any grit out from the thread. To clean your filters, turn the spa off, remove the filter face and unscrew the filters. Spray the filter of if it has any visible debris and place it in a bucket with a filter cleaner. Ideally let it soak overnight, then rinse well with an adjustable spray nozzle. If you have a spare set of filters, you can use one set while soaking the other set, and not have any time without filters in your spa. If your cabinet is dirty, you can simply clean it with warm water and a mild detergent. If your cover is dirty, then clean that too with mild detergent. Then treat it with a product you can find at all good spa shops, Aerospace 303, don’t use Armor All. After really heavy use, from time to time when you’re finding it harder to maintain your water quality, you should drain your spa. Use the drain fitting at the base of the spa and the attachment supplied in your warranty pack. Remove the cap, attach the nozzle, click on your hose. Twist the base of the fitting anti-clockwise and pull on the hose to start the flow. The water will flow through the hose and can be directed where you want. When you drain your spa, make sure you always refill it by placing the hose in the filter box as shown earlier. Otherwise you can get an airlock in the plumbing system. There’ll be no water in the heater and you’ll get an error message on the touch-pad. You can try pushing the filtration pump button or pump 1 for spas with 2 speed pumps, on and off to try and get the water flowing. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to remove the cabinet panel underneath the touch-pad, and unscrew one of the barrel unions on the pump, you’ll hear the air escaping and see the water start to leak from the union. Re-tighten it, and try the pump again. Now it should work. Your massage controls, often referred to as water diverters, make it very hard to move due to sand, grit and body oils getting into the body of the diverter. If this happens, it’s important to turn the spa off first to protect your safety. Next, unscrew the base of the diverter by twisting anti-clockwise. There’s no need to remove the handle. Wipe or wash out the body of the diverter to remove the grit. If the body of the diverter is badly scratched, use fine sandpaper to make it smooth again. You can use detergent or methylated spirits to remove any oily or sticky marks. Then insert the handle or diverter mechanism, and screw the base back on. If you have any other questions regarding the maintenance and use of your Oasis spa, please call the retailer where you bought your spa. Congratulations on choosing Oasis spas. With just a little care, your spa will bring you years and years of pampering and true relaxation.