Discover Why Oasis Swim Spas are Australia’s Best Swim Spas



Looking for a Swim Spa? Oasis spas are the world leaders in Swim spa technology. Giving you unbeatable value and the ultimate swim spa experience. Available in more than 35 countries, Oasis is one of the worlds largest swim spa manufactures and Europe’s biggest brand. Recently voted 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th of the top 8 swim spas by a leading UK magazine. We build real swim spas, engineered to last and give you the swim and spa experience you expect. Correct flow and resistance are essential. Each jet must be powered by its own pump, and you need at least three 3HP pumps. Jet positioning is crucial; to ensure the water flow creates the necessary water resistance against your shoulders and torso. Our swim jets don’t move on there own, only you can move them, so you can direct the flow where you want it. And unlike other brands, we don’t use restrictors or aerators to create a false appearance of water movement. With an Oasis Swim spa, you can swim properly and comfortably in clear smooth water, and not harsh patchy foam. Our platinum Swim spas even include a special resistance swim system. Great for new swimmers and aerobic training. The handrail is also a bonus for those using there swim spa for exercise or learn to swim drills. Most importantly our platinum swim spas feature the exclusive power saver pack. That enables you to swim all year round and save you thousands over the life of your swim spa. This includes an 8 layer insulation system, to stop heat loss through the base, cabinet, walls, shell and top of your spa. Our no-gap cabinets have arctic seal to stop cold air entering and hot air escaping. Spa net controllers that use intuitive logic to reduce running cost. They’re smart meter ready, so you can heat and filter using off peak power. And they’re the only controller that allows you to fit a heat pump at any time, saving up to 75% on heating costs and even cool the water in summer. And there are 6kW variable output heaters that work even when the pumps are on. The other thing you need to consider when you’re choosing your swim spa is the quality of the build. With up to 10 Tonnes of water weight, the thickness of the shell is vital, and it’s good to know that Oasis swim spas have the thickest shells on the market. Our frames support the walls and seats. They’re made from extra strong galvanized steel. There’s the sealed wrap-around ABS base that protects the frame and stops the cold air, pests and moisture from entering. Our thermo-wood cabinets never need oiling, just a wash down. The screw out self cleaning massage jets have no bearings to clog up. And our easy care water treatment system keeps water clean and clear and minimizes chemical use. Our platinum Swim spas have all the bling you could possibly want. Stainless steel jet trims, waterfalls, water level LED lighting and backlit spa controls. Beautifully designed, cheaper to run, easier to maintain, built to last. All Oasis swim spas are backed by our lifetime support commitment, from the international manufacturer, Australian head office and your local Oasis spa retailer. Do your homework, take our best value challenge, then talk to your nearest Oasis spa professional, you can even bring your togs and try them out. Then you’ll see why Oasis are the world leaders in swim spa technology. And Australia’s best value for money premium swim spa brand.