Spa-Rite Spas Swim Spas and Plunge Pools

Welcome to Spa-Rite, we are now a part of the Spachoice Family. Spa-Rite has a huge range of Spas, Swim Spas and Plunge Pools available. Our spas are built to the highest possible standard by using quality materials.

Spa-Rite spas are designed with comfort in mind, and feature premium insulation and power saving technology to keep your running costs down. In addition, we also have exclusive, patented 3″ turbo jets in our swim spas. Our Turbo Jets reduce water turbulence and provide a smooth, yet powerful flow.

A soothing hydrotherapy massage is an excellent way to truly reduce stress and has many health benefits. Imagine having the convenience of a soothing hydrotherapy massage in your backyard, when ever you like!

Maintenance is easy with most of our spas having Ozone Santisation and 100sqft boost filtration. We also have Ultrazone available as a sanitisation upgrade. Ultrazone kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water, reducing your need for chemicals.

We have in-house Spa Technicians and also free water testing, so can help you to ensure that your chemical levels are balanced. We also stock all the chemicals, parts and accessories you may require. Just bring in a small sample of your Spa water!

Come in-store Today!

We have over 18 years industry experience, hence Spa-Rite staff are very knowledgeable. Come in-store for a free demonstration of the features and benefits of our spas. Or give us a call on (03) 9720 4461 and we will be happy to answer any queries you have!



Spa-Rite, now a part of the Spachoice family, specialises in spas with power saving technology to give you the lowest possible running cost.

Spa-Rite is based in Melbourne, in the Eastern suburbs, and has many years of experience and local knowledge of the spa industry. Spa-Rite is an Oasis Spas distributor for Victoria and Tasmania, with a retail store in Bayswater Melbourne.

  • “We have had a great experience with the staff at Spa Rite."

    M. Saragozza

  • “Best thing I have bought in a long time. Thoroughly enjoy my spa and love how easy it is to clean and maintain. Water sparkles and is the most relaxing way to unwind after a busy day. Thank you spa rite for everything. Got to go, about to hop in my spa."

    J. Ball

  • “Excellent service from start to end. Doris was a pleasure to deal with, Matt for helping out with after sales service and all of my questions to Brendan coming out and showing me how to use the spa. Great team and don't go by previous owners reviews. Fresh staff great service and follow up. Thank you!"

    J. Tampion

  • “Awesome spa and service, only had great experiences"

    K. Millar

  • “Very happy with our spa purchase and good service."

    M. Brewster